Skeleton Framework by Jeremy Alexander

Skeleton Framework

The Backbone For Your Construct Game


Get organized for your next game

Have you tried making your own game, only to feel like it's opening a can of worms?

Without structure your idea can go from prototype to dead within a matter of days – and the more complex it gets, the more likely you will need to start over.

Fortunately, making your game with Skeleton will feel like a breeze.

Drop artwork in & unleash your mechanics

In this course,  Skeleton will handle all of your games missing structure. 

Then, we take pre-existing assets and drop them right into the test level so we can focus on building gameplay.

Flexible File Structure for Any Type of Game

The idea behind Skeleton was to create a template that had simple opinions.  With it, your game revolves around Construct includes.

Includes allow us to chain our event sheets together without telling you how to make your game.

Easy to Read Event Sheets

The power of using Includes allows for much cleaner event sheets.  Instead of stuffing every event into one file, we have each event sheet separate. 

This allows for quicker gameplay testing and way less headaches searching for lost code.

What's included?

File Icon 2 files Text Icon 1 text file


Skeleton Field Guide
Download Skeleton
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Download Skeleton Platformer Demo
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What's included?

Skeleton Documentation
Download Skeleton for Construct 
Download Platformer Demo


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