Proof Of Concept Development In Game Maker Studio 2 by Jeremy Alexander

Proof Of Concept Development In Game Maker Studio 2

You + prototype = a finished work to show off to anyone

You will never make a game unless you test out dozens of mechanics first.

You won't be able to make a finished game if you continue to just go in head-first and magically "hope" mechanics will work themselves out.

Like others, you've probably realized that it takes a village to make a game and you may not be the jack of all trades.

Making a game takes:

  • ...hours of work
  •, animations, sounds
  • ...programming knowhow

And that's just scratching the surface.

Theres still polish, design, and marketing -- the list goes on and on.

  • ​ how do you break it down? 
  • do you actually get from idea -> best-selling game?
  • do you iterate step-by-step until your game starts to take shape?

Introducing (a not-so-unknown-yet-vastly-misunderstood-concept) Prototyping!

Prototype -
(noun) - a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.

  • Prototypes can be sold
  • Prototypes can be expanded.
  • Prototypes can lead to a career as portfolio pieces.


Prototypes always ​increase ​your chances of 

  • Finishing your game!
  • Learning SOMETHING new!
  • Taking the next step, no matter how small!
  • Adding to your portfolio
  • Building a buzz around your work


  • Prototypes can be left for dead
  • Prototypes can be frustrating and un-motivating
  • Prototypes can destroy your soul

Prototyping is the fastest way to get your game ideas out there -- as tangible, playable products -- and I am going to show you how.

What's included?

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Join now, while the class is being developed.



Lessons! Why does this look incomplete?

I want to make this course with your feedback in mind -- yet I am adding new lessons EVERY SINGLE DAY until this courses is finished. 

What software do I need?

Game Maker Studio 2 (Pro) is recommended -- but you can Prototype in any software. The lessons on Prototype design are agnostic! Use Construct, Unity, or Godot - doesn't matter!