Discover Game Design: The Complete Edition by Jeremy Alexander

Discover Game Design: The Complete Edition

The Complete Guide to Finishing Your Games


Learn everything you need with Discover Game Design ebook! .PDF, .MOBI, .EPUB, 8 interviews and 12 videos on the game loop formula!

What's included?

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The Book
Discover Game Design [.EPUB]
1.98 MB
Discover Game Design 1st Edition [PDF]
1.8 MB
Discover Game Design [.MOBI]
1.26 MB
The Interviews
Interview with Sandy Gordon (Bandygrass)
60 mins
Interview with Ryan Davis (Ryguygames)
56 mins
Interview with Benjamin Anderson (Heartbeast)
(1h 04m 40s)
Interview with Kirk Lucas (Kirklightgames)
Interview with Bilge Kaan (TD2TL)
Interview with Adam Prack (Adamcreations)
Interview with Tom Gullen (Co-founder of Construct)
Interview with Tibi Tircomnicu (TheTibith)
The Game Loop Formula
Why I made this
5 mins
The Idea
8 mins
The Loops
2 mins
The Core
3 mins
The Content
3 mins
The Coating
2 mins
The Plan
2 mins
3 mins
The two-week window
2 mins
Where to share
3 mins
Where to release
3 mins
Rinse and repeat
2 mins


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